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  1. 2004, Practical Overview of New Laws, British Business Group, Vietnam

  2. 2003, Doing Business with EU, Department of Foreign Affairs conference

  3. 2003, Business and Investment in Vietnam - a woman’s view, International Ladies Day Speech, Vietnam

  4. 2002, Contractual Issues, European Business Information Centre

  5. 1999, Host of 4th annual conference of the Association of British Business in Asia (in association with the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry), Vietnam

  6. 1999, Vietnam Today, British Business Group, Vietnam

  7. 1999, Vietnam Legal Issues, Asia Pacific Council of American Chambers of Commerce (APCAC) Doorknock Washington DC, USA

  8. 1998, Vietnam IP Issues, EMASIA Conference, Los Angeles, USA

  9. 1998, Vietnam Investment and Business, British Chamber of Commerce in Thailand, Thailand

  10. 1998, The New Foreign Investment Laws, Dutch Business Group, Vietnam

  11. 1998, Host to His Royal Highness, Prince Andrew, British Business Group, Vietnam

  12. 1998, Host of Roundtable Discussion with Vietnamese Authorities in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


  1. 1997, Work Permit Regulations, British Business Group, Vietnam

  2. 1997, Small Business Establishments, International Ladies Group, Vietnam

  3. 1996, Legal Issues relating to Investment in Vietnam, The Economist Conference, The Fourth Round Table with Government of Vietnam Hanoi, Vietnam

  4. 1996, Financing, Expatriation of Funds, Tax and Business, The Greater Mekong Growth Summit, Vietnam

  5. 1996, Distribution in Vietnam, The Greater Mekong Growth Summit, Vietnam

  6. 1996, Business and Investment in Vietnam, Women Business Luncheon, Vietnam

  7. 1994, Vietnam - the new Asian Tiger, Asia Pacific Council of American Chambers of Commerce (APCAC) 48th annual meeting, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  8. 1993, Taxation in Vietnam, International Bar Association Seminar, Paris, France

  9. 1993, Doing Business in Vietnam, Australian Trade in Asia Pacific Seminar

  10. 1992, Investing in Vietnam, President’s Room, Commonwealth Club, Sydney, Australia

  11. 1992, Investing in Vietnam, Australian Chamber, Melbourne, Australia



International expertise - myanmar focused



Foreign Direct Investment in Myanmar, Sweet & Maxwell Asia

Myanmar Chapter, CCH Doing Business in Asia

Myanmar Joint Ventures Chapter, Euromoney/Asia Law & Practice, Capital Flows Along the Mekong:  The Complete Legal Guide to Investing in the Greater Mekong Subregion Countries

Myanmar Import/Export Chapter, Euromoney/Asia Law & Practice, Capital Flows Along the Mekong

Myanmar Founding Editorial Board Members, Contributors and Correspondents, Asian Commercial Law Review, Sweet & Maxwell

Myanmar Contributors, Design and Copyright Law World Product Protection, Pearsons Professional

Myanmar Section, Taxes And Investment In Asia And The Pacific, International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation

Myanmar Editorial Board, IP Asia

Myanmar Correspondents, Oil & Gas Law and Taxation Review, Sweet & Maxwell

Myanmar Editorial Board, and  Contributors, Journal of International Banking Law, Sweet & Maxwell

Myanmar Contributors, The Investor’s Journal of Legislative Impact: Regulation and Policy Development In Emerging Markets, World Markets Research Centre


Arbitration in Myanmar

Commercial Litigation in Myanmar

Company Borrowing and Security Over Company Assets in Myanmar

Company Directors’ Duties and Powers in Myanmar

Copyright Protection in Myanmar

Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards and Arbitration Agreements in Myanmar

Enforcement of Foreign Judgements in Myanmar

Environmental Protection in Myanmar

Foreign Bank Lending in Myanmar

Interference with Business, Reputation and Freedom of Contract in Myanmar

Introduction to Doing Business in Myanmar

Introduction to Myanmar Property Law

Investing in Oil and Gas in Myanmar: An Overview

Lending and Foreign Exchange Transactions in Myanmar

Myanmar State of Play: Enhanced IP Protection Expected Soon

Myanmar: Banking Developments, New Frontiers for Correspondent Banking

Myanmar’s Contract, Sales of Goods and Usury Laws

New Mines Law Rules In Myanmar

Overview of Maritime Law in Myanmar

Protection of Trade Marks in Myanmar

Regulation of Broadcasting in Myanmar

The Law of Negotiable Instruments in Myanmar

Winding Up of Companies in Myanmar


Vietnam Section, Taxes And Investment In Asia And The Pacific, International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation (IBFD), Vietnam

Vietnam Section, Dispute Resolution in Asia (Herbert Smith publication)

Foreign Direct Investment in Vietnam Guide, Scottish Enterprise

Civil Litigation: a Comparison of Vietnamese and English Procedures, Martindale Hubbell

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